Takuin in the Snow

All of us writing on this subject (on enlightenment and what-not), have probably described, or at least tried to describe, this thing that has no business being described. We can all clearly see that the description will never capture the truth.

And yet, we go on...

Perhaps it is cruel of us to say anything. To provide that hope to another. The hope that the seeker might find this thing through brute force, like a hand thrusting itself into the water, hopelessly trying to contain all of it...

But can anyone be blamed for the hope of another?

Not enlightened yet? You've not meditated enough. You're not silent enough. You've not read enough. You've not given enough. Or maybe it is because you've not taken my exclusive 12-week You Can Be Enlightened, Too seminar.

Hmm...perhaps someone can be blamed for the hope of another. :)

Liberation seems cruel, for it is all so simple. But human beings create the cruelty by trying to make it complicated. Is there anything as simple as living?

Takuin will go on...