Sitting #3

Photo by Takuin Minamoto

Wanting to become, hides the true essence of being.

One sees the apparent result; the ecstasy, the pure emptiness of liberation; and wants it completely. But can you know it before it comes? Can you have it when nothing can take it?

What can you do?

This natural expression of the organism is seen as something to get, something to attain. But there is nothing here to have, and no one can give it to you.

When an image is believed into existence and built into a system to be followed, there is the illusion of something.

Do you really want to be free? What will you do with your freedom? Use it to improve your station? Use it to further your authority? Have you ever asked?

Can liberation be used? Can it be had?

I hear your frustration, but there is no frustration. I see your pain, but there is no pain. You scream, "This pain is real!" but you are a liar.

You are not lying to me. You are only lying to yourself.

I have the image of someone being fooled in the back of my mind. It could have been someone from the past; someone in possession of this body. But I cannot be sure.

This image is the darting movement from the corner of my eye. I turn to look, but nothing is really there.

Nothing was ever there.

Life ruled by the image is a life without sight. And all the playful beauties of liberation will forever dance beyond your eyes.

Wanting to become, destroys what is.