Sitting #4

The heart beats. The blood moves. The lungs breathe. Of that I am certain.

The beat of the heart is felt as a body-rippling pulse, not necessarily situated in a single location. One doesn't feel it as rhythmic 'beats', but as a flowing movement.

The wave of the blood is felt as something energized, as if it carries electricity. It is constricted by spatial limitations, but those same limitations bring sensitivity to the organism.

The wind of the lungs is spiritus of the phenomenal. A beautiful combination of two physical elements, it inhales clarity and exhales confusion. One must dig deep to breathe fully.

Breakers and the Water

Takuin is a limited creation, but its reach goes far beyond the physical. The beat of the heart is not merely confined to the chest, nor the blood to the veins, nor the breath to the lungs.

It can touch beyond the known, but only for an instant that never truly ends.

Never slowing, growing tired, or resisting the natural movement of life. It flows and flows and will continue to do so, until it doesn't.

In the end, not a trace will remain.