Takuin in the Third-Person

November Project: Question #3 This question comes from a short email conversation with Dave.

I have noticed that you refer to yourself as "me" or "I" or "Takuin," but you refer to Takuin in the third person? I'm not going to throw my psychology at you or anything, I was just genuinely curious about that.

Thanks, Dave.

Sometimes I'll use Takuin, or One, and rarely, even Him/His. As far as writing is concerned, I will try to keep the personal pronoun the same, at least for the current paragraph.

The reason for this is nothing more than the feel of the words. It just comes out that way. I use the third person because it is...how can we say...inauthentic to use me or my or mine, or whatever it is, at times.

I have said to others before that there is nothing really personal here in Takuin. In that respect, it just seems the appropriate thing to do (using the third-person, or whatever it is). But even so, it can be really heavy for first time readers to see this kind of thing, and I do not want to make my writing completely inaccessible, haha.

Sometimes I will grab a pen and write, and sometimes Takuin will do it. But these differences exist only within the written framework.

Hope that answers something...

Ok, I think I follow you with the exception of: "I use the third person because it is...how can we say...inauthentic to use me or my or mine, or whatever it is, at times." Can you run this by me one more time in your next reply?

"Inauthentic" because it clashes with the feel of your current stream of conscience? Or the wording? Or Takuin is a part of you that is without consciousness? In other words...if you use words like "me, my or mine" it assumes that Takuin has a self? I think I read way too far into it, I have that tendency.

Usually, when one gets into this, they are the person, or the self, looking for the way out of the self (and end to suffering and so on), and the only way for the self to look at the 'non-self state' is to imagine it. But the self and its ideas of enlightenment cannot exist simultaneously with 'actual' liberation.. One is the description of what might be; the other is beyond description.

But really, using these terms is just a matter of making things clearer, even if it is just for Takuin. ;)

Takuin in the Snow

But language could be a problem here. One might describe this in a number of ways, so let's just pick something for this moment, then go with it.

We can call it a reduction, or elimination of a "redundant system". Now, it is not that one decides it is a reduction, or a redundant system, and it is not an activity leading to the accumulation or attainment of bliss. It is not just another prize for one to attain.

In other words, one might read the words of gurus, and pick up the common phrases and ways of using language. Then, with a basic understanding of the concepts they have heard, they go out into the world speaking the same language as if it is the truth. But really, it is just the parroting of a favored system of thought.

There is a huge difference between using words for security, and using words for exploration.

Hope that helps! Thanks, Dave.