Teach Yourself

All events, all occurances, all things we perceive to be outside of the self, are a blessing. They bring to us the teaching we think we might find through the words of another. But reality is such that we will always be our own best teachers. No one can give us the freedom that happens at each moment. It is a strange set of actions that we take through the course of our days. As an example, we have an argument with our significant other. We are filled with rage or sadness, or whatever. We ignore it, repress it, or bully the other person into agreeing with us. When our ego is satisfied, we let it go. Then, we go to the zen center, or the church, or on our own pillows to meditate, trying to free ourselves into liberation. But why is that separation there? Why do we argue and push it away?

The argument is the real event. It is better than any teacher walking the earth. Sit in the argument while it is there. See what is happening without any thought of good or bad. See reality when you are right in the middle of the violence of thought. Don't wait until later, when your ego is placated and the self feels better. That is all so hypothetical.

Whenever you feel negative emotions, whenever the self is threatened, whenever your identity is challenged, that is when the teaching begins. Not when you are off somewhere sitting on a cushion. There is also another separation in that problem. We feel that meditation is something that is done apart from regular living. But why? Meditation, meaning - this exploration, IS life. There is no separation there. If you think that meditation is something you do in addition to daily life, then you are just playing with it. It is a game, and the results will demonstrate that.

See that today, at every moment, is the entirety of life. You go to work, you talk on the phone, you have sex, you may or may not meditate, whatever the case may be. Whatever you do, at each moment, is all there is. There cannot possibly be anything more. If one is capable of seeing, really observing, then all that is, IS, all that is. It is not a big mystery. Just take a look, and see it for yourself.