The A to Z of Being : Being

From Ozren, at the announcement of the commencement for this series:

Maybe you could start with “Being.” What is this Being “thing?” :)

Initially, I was not going to include this entry into the A to Z of Being because it is generally understood. I have never really been asked about it in the past. Besides, people usually relegate being to the background in favor of Awareness, Consciousness, or other seemingly more important words.

Well, after receiving more than a few recent requests for this, I decided to drop it in.

What is Being?

We generally think of this word as the existence of something (usually, but not always, a human). Or something conceivable as existing or as actually existing.

Acolytes of the belief systems known as Subjective or Objective Realities (SR and OR, respectively) love to argue about this.

"I believe that nothing exists without my point of view!"

"No, you are wrong! I believe things exist without your point of view!"


(If you want to see this kind of argument in action, head over to the Steve Pavlina Forums. You'll get all the SR and OR you can stand.)

SR and OR aside, being is thought of as simple existence. Some might say that as they turn the corner, whatever appears comes into being. I can understand that. And that is very close to what happens in liberation.

Being in Liberation

Simply put, Being is: the functioning of the organism in awareness.

Being is, in fact, what is.

If one is aware, then being is all there is. There may be one thousand things happening at any given time, but in awareness, it is all being.

In awareness, with no center or anchor, no story or prejudice, there is only what is. The "what is" in question, is being.

You might hear other speakers on non-duality or enlightenment say, "everything is being." Or, "there is only being-ness." I agree with that, even though I still question it.

One might ask, "If being is everything, why should it be a function of the organism?" Good question.

Because our bodies are the experience-rs of reality. Like or not, day in and day out, all of the sensory perceptions are a part of this organism. It is true to say that in awareness there is no difference between the body or a table, because there is no longer any one to make a distinction. But since being arises through this instrument of the body, it is easier for one to think of it as the functioning of the organism in awareness. (But please keep in mind through all of this, there is no MY body; just body.)

If there is no body, no sensors, no life, can awareness rise? If I die in five minutes, is there awareness here on the sixth minute? Please don't theorize or repeat an answer given to you by another. Just sit with the question.

If one sees from their own point of view, through their own imagery, then being just becomes something that the self thinks it has; it is just me and this thing, or me and that thing. There is that eternal juxtaposition.

In awareness, through being, there is no juxtaposition. There is only what is.

There is only being.