The A to Z of Being: Instructions

When the sun rises, and the eyes open, don't wait for someone to come.You are alone now. The years of fog will lift. But watch the first step going into the bathroom.

When you see a couple violently arguing, you'll simply watch. When the child plays too close to the road, you'll simply watch. When the friend gets her hair perilously close to the fire, you'll simply watch. But when action is needed, you'll move with a certainty, You've never before experienced. The mind is alive, full of energy, And action takes place when needs arise.

You'll always feel, On the verge of exploding. Sit with it. Just sit there.

When someone asks how to be liberated, Be as nice as you can in your reply. But don't lie. They won't understand the answer, but still... Don't lie.

You may never dream again. At least, not of your own accord.

Significance will be lost. Mostly.

Put less food on your plate. You won't need it.

Your own body will become fascinating. You'll stare at certain parts for long periods of time. Do not do this in public.

People will try to tell you how you are functioning. They won't get it right. But accept it graciously.

Questions will come. Questions will go. You'll never again be able to face anything with a conclusion. Then, Questions will come, Questions will go.

Your oldest friends may never understand, Or accept, What has happened to you. If they become angry, Sad, Upset with how you have "changed," They may want to leave. Please let them go. It is for their own good. Really, it is.

Sheep in wolves' clothing, Spring from every crevice. Wolves in sheep's clothing, Are not far behind.

Your art will lose its technique. But through this loss, Technique is reborn.

The sign reads, "No Pets Allowed," And not, "No, Pets Allowed."

Their experience, Becomes extremely important. As you can no longer, Have experience, Of your own.

Your body will burn, With the fire of being. This heat may make others uncomfortable. But you can never burn them. They can only do that to themselves.