The Beauty of a Flower

November Project: Question #8 This is a question from an old friend, YM.

What is it about flowers that you love so much?

You already know the answer, but I'll give it for everyone else. ;)

The flower is the template for living a complete life as a human being.

The flower has its expression, which it gives over freely and selflessly, until the day it dies. It never feels it should have done more. It never feels inadequate. It never feels it has missed the life worth living. It just radiates beauty, perfume, and love.

And it never thinks to itself, "I have to radiate beauty, perfume, and love." It just does. That is the inevitability of its nature.

It will give freely, until the day it dies.

If human beings could live as the flower, for just one day, this world would be transformed forever.