The Beauty of Being

One Stands Alone

Photo by Takuin Minamoto

One gazes up into the night sky, seeing the millions of points staring back. If there is such a thing as divinity, One is that very thing.

It is not the divinity of the church, or the divinity of the god of knowledge, or the knowledge that builds gods, builds the difference between human beings and destroys with those very same differences.

No, this is a divinity of the highest order, because it cannot be ordered by any external or internal authority. It is completely freeing. No, not freeing; it is freedom. It is functioning of this organism with absolutely no reference, no need to follow, no desire to be free. No gods can move, alter, or imprison this. No law can force it to conform. It is timeless, lawless, godless.

One gazes up into the night sky, and freedom stares back.