The Beauty of Living

The Trees

There is a great beauty in this world, untouched by the mind; the beauty of living. It lingers, barely a moment away and is always just beyond the reach of thought.

We try to see it, but eyes fail.

We try to hear it, but deafness roars.

We try to take it, but hands are broken.

We try and fail.

But it is always there like a sprite; the spiritus.  The lively bit of the breath that moves us, loves us.

It is our trying to attain that makes it difficult to breathe, difficult to move, difficult to love.

We try and we chase, then curse the maliciousness of the pursuit, as if it were cast upon us from the outside. But we do all of this to ourselves.

This beauty of living is lively, jumping from beyond the veil, trying to get our attention. It loves us, cares for us, and lives for us. But you can't try to see it, hear it, or take it.

You cannot try to live. You can only live.

Do not desire to be free. Instead, be free.