The Birth of Takuin

November Project: Question #29 This question comes from Frank via the Contact Form.

I just noticed, tomorrow is the 4th anniversary of the birth of Takuin (not the website, but the man). Happy 4th Birthday!

I wonder, 4 years later, how you see the world compared to before? Also, was it really like a re-birth?

Anyway, "Happy Birthday" and thanks for all you've written over the last 4 years!

Thank you very much, Frank. I appreciate your support.

To be honest, I didn't even know this anniversary was coming up. It is not something I ever think about, and I'm fairly certain I've not written anything on this topic before.

I wonder, 4 years later, how you see the world compared to before?

Whatever way I saw the world before, is lost to me now. I cannot imagine that person, those creeds, those burdens, those beliefs...whatever might have been there. It is no longer real, and there is no energy - no ability - to live in such a way any longer.

I remember that life in the way most people remember their dreams. Just flashes really. Nothing sticks. Those memories come and go at times, but the pool they are drawn from is extremely limited. It is difficult to explain.

Perhaps we can say, it is as if a process is missing. Something once held essential has gone, and the physical motion of thought now skips over the gap left behind. I don't know if I am saying this in the right way...

Some people have tried to describe this to me from their own perspectives. Someone once said, "Speaking to you is like speaking to a void." And another has said, "What you once were is gone, and I am scared to be near you...I might lose myself."

It was difficult for me to know exactly how those people felt. They described me as if something were missing, or non-functional in a way...

Perhaps that is true...

On the River

Also, was it really like a re-birth?

I cannot say for sure, as I have nothing to compare it with. It is more of a death than a re-birth. Strangely, nothing is added. And stranger still, something is taken away.

Liberation is not a matter of finding a balance, or of finding out who you are, or of coming to the core of your being, whatever the hell those things mean. It is about life as it is lived in each moment. Nothing more, nothing less.

There is an elegance and a beauty somewhere within all of that. I truly hope humanity will realize this on their own.

No one can give this to us.


I would like to take a moment to say something to all of you...

When I started this site, I had no idea if anyone would read it or if it would be good for anything. That was never the point of all of this writing in the first place, but still, it has been a great surprise to me that it has become as popular as it has, especially during the last year.

I just want to say thank you to everyone that reads the writings and posts comments. I am certainly not here to be an authority...I hope to learn just as much from any of you as you may (or may not) hope to learn from me.

My life is one of relationship, and I am grateful to all of you, for all that you have shared on these pages.

One thing is for sure...the community here at has helped me greatly in expressing whatever might be within this organism. Without all of you, life would be less interesting, and not quite as much fun as it has been for the last four years.

Thank you, and I love you. (I bet you never expected to hear that, did you?) :)