The Importance of Finding Out for Yourself

There are a multitude of gurus and anti-gurus out there. All of them, it would seem, have a way, a method, a system to follow. "If you do these things, enlightenment, freedom, moksha, will be yours. Just follow what I say. Sit in this position, chant these words, silence your mind, control your thoughts, and freedom will appear". How many of us do these things? How many sit, exhausted, on the cushion, trying to get what others have described? But does anyone listen to what is said, and then question it?

In the past, I wondered why this went on. Why do we follow without question? Why do we keep going from one authority to another, only to be left in the same place?

Now, I see clearly what has, and is, taking place. The cause of my own stupidity is clear to me.

Is yours clear to you?

You've heard what they have told you, you have listened intently, and have read tirelessly. Why not cast it aside, and find out? Find out if what they have said is true.

And if there is something to be had, it will arrive beyond your desire, one way or another. It will arrive despite all you might have done to bring it about.

Don't try so hard. Let life happen.