The Past

I am listening to a song that I have not heard in a very long time. The last time I heard it was over 10 years ago, if my memory is correct. What an odd feeling. There is no nostalgia, even though I still have the song memorized and can remember the things I did while listening to it, all those years ago. I remember everything, but it has no effect on the present moment. I hear this song now as if every note is pure and new. It is more beautiful than anything memory could present to me. Memory is always the same. It can try to present itself as something new, and fool us into some magnificent experience, but in the end, we are left the same as before. We believe there is something wonderful to be had somewhere else. Outside of us. Memory presents it on a platter, separates us from the now, and leaves us feeling disconnected. That is a funny thing how our memories make us feel as if we are separate from the experiences we have. It is in that disconnect that we meet the sense of  being somehow apart from the present moment. It is only the past, fooling us.

Memory has its place, but that place is not a movement that frees human beings; liberating us from ourselves. Can the past possibly meet the present? Because the present has no place for the past. We can postulate on the future, but it is only through the past. They are both fantasies. Besides, the future will never be here, as we are ever in the present.

Can the past ever meet the present? You have to find out for yourself.