The Soldier

The Road to the Mountains

War is not the fault of the soldier.

They do not want to destroy, kill, or cause pain.

They want it all to end. They want to go home.

Many governments in this beautiful world do not take care of their soldiers. Once the job of a soldier is done, once usefulness is surpassed, they are tossed aside as bent and rusted tools to be replaced by newer models.

But there are few human beings able to fix a broken tool. And resources are certainly not funneled in that direction.

When you see an old soldier, you might feel pity, but that is not necessary. You might feel hate, but please don't. You might hope to help them, if it is necessary. That is a start...

It might be enough just to give your full attention to another human being. It will never be a waste of time.

War is not the fault of the soldier. They are just another casualty.