The Truth in His Face

The eyes are set deep in the head,constantly looking, constantly alert. What unimaginable things, timeless things, have they seen?

The wrinkles run deep, carved into the face.

Each line a memory, scarring a soul that can't let go.

Death, Pain, Age, and Hate, have all paid rent in his old face.

The brow furrows as he starts to think. The energy nearly knocks me over. Why resist what is?

I cannot share what is imagined, cannot wish for what should be, but I can feel all that he projects.

"It may hurt you, you'll fear for what you have to lose, you may cry."

I can't tell him it won't hurt me, but it is true.

"Sorrow may rise, but the freedom you've always wanted has never left you. It is the constant companion to your pain, loss, and suffering."

I wish that something could be done, that one could do it for you, but your path is of One, as all are. Find out for yourself.

Those lines run deep, but timelessness and being, run deeper than any memory.

Walk with me, take my hand if you wish, but do so on your own.

Let go and don't look back.

I'll always love you.