There Is No Effort

Things happen, and there is only seeing. Waking took place at 3:20 AM this morning. Rising happened. Using the toilet happened. It (this organism) went outside. It looked to the sky. Seeing happened. Jogging happened. Bathing happened. Eating happened. There was no effort involved.

Effort can only occur in a mind that is shattered through thought. A mind that is broken apart by beliefs, shoulds, and the need for the "self" to dominate over all of the other fragments. All effort takes us away from what we seek. The peace of mind we believe to be elsewhere, is already present and alive.

The driving engine behind our effort and our suffering is the search. And the search keeps the mind fragmented.

There is no effort if there is no search; if there is no search, there is no searcher; and if there is no searcher, the mind is whole. Then there is no "I" that is doing; there is only doing.

When I speak of effort, I do not mean physical work. I mean the effort of the mind to project what it wants on top of what actually is. If your perception is, "I am here, but I need to be over there," that is effort. The reality is, you do not need to be anywhere other than where you are. If you needed to be there, you would be there. It is that simple.

You might say, "It takes effort to jog. How can you go jogging without effort?" There is no effort. There is only jogging. The body jogs until it stops. That is all there is. No effort is involved. The effort of the mind is more strenuous than any physical endeavor you can imagine. The effort of the mind is detrimental to humanity. In that effort there is violence, hate, greed, and all of the horrors of war and the tyranny of ideals. In war there is effort; in peace there is none.

It is this mind that humanity has shared since its long forgotten inception. The eternal struggle of belief, wanting to be something, and the push of self-centered activity are the extreme efforts that have kept our minds dull and unforgiving. There is no effort in be-ing; there is only being. Nothing more. There was no decision to do what i did this morning. There was only "doing." Not "I" am doing; just doing. The alarm went off, and waking happened. Someone had to set the alarm, though. Otherwise it would not have gone off. But it wasn't, "I set the alarm," but, setting the alarm happened. I wonder if this is being communicated clearly.

"I" am not seeing, "I" am not waking, "I" am not jogging, because the "I" is blind. The self can only see what it projects. It can only see its concepts of the world. It is incapable of projecting what is real. The real can never be projected.

You might ask, "How did you make the decisions necessary to do those things? Setting the alarm, going outside, etc. Surely 'you' must be present to decide what to do, right?" No. There is no decision because there is no entity that decides. Please try to see this. Even though things are being done, there is no one doing them. There is only doing. Nothing more. If "I" am doing something, it is either a reaction, or an attempt to get something.

Reaction is not action. It is violence. A violent mind reacts; an aware mind simply is. A violent mind reacts to protect the integrity of the self. But if one is aware, if no self exists, then there is nothing to protect or be protected from. There is only doing, or action. There is only whatever is happening.