Time Is The Enemy

As I write this, I am sitting in a room that is filled with clocks. They are all ticking at different moments; precise moments. There is no space that is free from this sound. Does the mind work in the same way? The mind is filled with noise, and the slow death of psychological time. Constantly, every moment in the mind is filled with something we think we need, or something we think we should become. Or perhaps, "This event happened, but it shouldn't have." It is within these projections, this ticking of time, that we spend our lives.

There is time that we can see by the calendar. There is yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We can make appointments, learn where it is we need to go, and make the necessary travel arrangements. All of this is necessary.

If I am going to fly to Boston, I need a plan to make it happen. I have to be at the airport in time for the check-in and for the flight. This is all very simple and easy to understand.

There is also something else we perceive as time; the space between where we are, and what we think we should be. "I am this, but it would be better if i were that." It instantly causes a separation.

We cannot reconcile, for whatever reason, with what is real. So to give a sense of being better than we are, we project a future that is more to our liking. Instead of seeing the reality of what exists within, we run away and project something "better." Reality is destroyed by thought in that process.

Being something "better" gives us false hope, because we think we are becoming something that is better than what we are. But really, we are always what we are. There is no becoming and nothing better. We fool ourselves into thinking that we are somehow transitory, and moving toward the better takes us away from what is now. Again, I am not saying don't make a plan. If someone is extremely over-weight, and they want to have a better chance of living a longer life, then make a plan and lose weight. Go to a doctor that specializes in these things, or go to a specialist in nutrition or a personal trainer. Whatever it is, see a solution and take action. But if you are extremely over-weight, why would you ever think you shouldn't be that way.

"I am fat, but I should be thin." Really? Are you thin? No? Then you shouldn't be thin. Why shouldn't you be? Because you are not.

Once you say that reality shouldn't be the way it is, you shatter your mind. You create another fragment. Why do you think it should be any different from what it is? "So if I am fat, I should just tell myself I am fat, and live with it?" No. If you are fat, whatever that means for you, and if that is a fact, then that is all there is. If you could see it for what it is, you would not say one thing about it. Why should you?

If the sun is overhead, blazing in the sky, why should you think about it? It is there, and that is all. "But what if it is hot?" Then go inside. Make an adjustment. Why must we waste so much energy over these things? If something needs to be done, then proper action will be taken. But proper action can only come from seeing what is really there; not your projection of it.

It is only possible to be what we are, from moment to moment. And since the moment is all there is, there cannot possibly be a projection into the future.

I am not talking about visualization, or any other technique involved in goal-setting or physical performance. Those are valid methods of physical progression. I am talking about the idea of a projected future, covering up what is real. In the physical world, changes take time, but in the mental world, there is no time needed.

Have you experienced this within? Have you seen precisely what is there, without running away from it? Why do we have such a fear of what is there? We refuse to see the greed and the hate, the selfishness and the violence. We can point it out in others in a split second, but we cannot sit with it in ourselves for even a moment.

The only meaningful change in life, is change on an individual level. By "individual," I mean from person to person. There is no change through becoming. Change requires no time, and "becoming" requires all of it.

It is like turning on a light; the change is instantaneous. But you might say, "I have a light that gradually becomes brighter. Every time you click the knob, it gets one level brighter." There is no "gradually becoming". True, every time you click the knob, it might change, but that change is the "now". There is no level; there is only the brightness that is there. You cannot see it, because you only focus on an imaginary "maximum brightness" that is not there.

There are no levels of anything in the mind. It can only be as it is from moment to moment. If you want to learn something, attaining knowledge, then go out and learn it. Find a reliable resource, and take action. But if you want to learn to free your mind, or to be "enlightened," then forget it. It is hopeless.

If you try to free your mind, what exactly are you freeing it from? Or you want to be enlightened? Enlightened to what? Enlightenment implies a state that is somehow different from others; the enlightened person has "it," and the others don't. The very term enlightenment is a separation. The moment you search for it, you have separated yourself from others. You assume there is some other state to be had. But there is only the state you are in, and nothing more. There isn't even a state, there is just being.

Why would you ever go anywhere else to have that?