Tired Body

This body is tired tonight. It was out all day long, walking back and forth, for hours. The mountains could clearly be seen from almost any point. They are vast and seem to completely surround us. There is something so completely final about the sight of the mountains. That is the exclamation point of nature. Immense in their beauty, the mere act of seeing them puts all thought on hold. Like a knife of joy, right through the brain. I sat for four hours at Favore tonight, all the while, writing. So many people were smoking in there. I didn't notice any trouble at first, but soon, my eyes watered and I had to wash my face. Mothers and fathers, smoking next to their 2 and 3 year old children. I wonder if they consider the health of their children? It would be odd to imagine, but perhaps they don't know? That would be an impossibility, right? I wonder if the mothers smoked all during their pregnancies?

I was eventually smoked out of there. After four hours of writing. Not a bad day's work. I want to work outside, on the balcony, but they've not yet opened it to the public. The sun was brilliant today, and the mountains were clear in the distance. That is always a nice environment for creativity.

My brain is used up. I am going to sleep.