To The Seeker

If you are going to smell a flower, use your nose, not your mind.

Single Red

These things you seek are not missing, nor are they malicious in their elusiveness. They want to be discovered.

It is quite like sitting in the audience of a game show, watching yourself as the contestant. The small you - the contestant - struggles with the content of the show, while the real you, the true you, sits in the audience, desperately wanting to yell out the answer.

But that is against the rules...

If you feel frustrated, over worked, effort-ed out, or just tired of your searching, take a moment to listen for the answer. Don't try to find the answer that suits you. Just listen, even if it is something you do not want to hear.

Truly listen to what arises. Even if what arises is gibberish. It is all there to teach you something.

Don't think about how wonderful it will be to smell the flower. Just smell the damn thing.

It is all there for you, in every moment.