Traveling Japan

Takuin is currently traveling throughout Japan and will be away for the next few weeks. I'll be in Hiroshima and will visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in addition to several other locations. Then it is off to Kyoto for a few days. Mix in some Kabuki theater, a sumo match, and a trip to Toyama and you have a pleasant journey.

And for those I have not already contacted, there will be no dialogs through skype until the end of the month. (This does not affect those I have already scheduled.)

And remember, in your quest for wholeness (as silly as that may sound), don't forget to go out into the world to see the beautiful creations of both humanity and nature. Every moment is a moment to sit, even if you are standing.

So leave your effort behind (don't worry, you can return to it later), walk out your front door, and take in what the world has to reveal.

Always listen, and take what is given with gratitude.