Update - Going to the Mountains

I am leaving Tokyo tonight, and going to Toyama. I'll be in close proximity to a huge mountain range known as Tateyama. I'll be gone from the 21st through the 26th. I am planning a trip into the mountains on my birthday (the 24th). I can think of no better present than that. Toyama is one of the best places to go if you want to spread out and breathe a bit. Nature is everywhere, along with interesting animals and insects that one usually never sees in the city. (Some of you might remember that Akiko and I lived there before we moved to Tokyo.)

I'll try to take great pictures of the mountains while I am there, but that all depends on the weather. I'll eventually add them to my Flickr account.

While I am there, I will meditate on some new questions or movements. Primarily, Is it possible for one to bring peace in the world of war? I am sure to go into other things as well. When I return, I'll let you all know what happened.

I probably will not answer any e-mails I receive while I am gone. I might pop in to handle a few comments, but for the most part, I'll be dead to the world.

Maybe it is a good opportunity for many of you to go into the same question? Is it possible for one to bring peace in the world of war? Go deeply into this if you like, then post your findings below in the comments. I'll reply to all of them when I return.

See you soon.