War and Anger

Question of the Week: 9/22 - 9/28

This great question comes from iamasimpleman on the short post, No Mystery. This is a great and deep topic that human beings seldom explore in themselves.

I have read your words several times and the begin to touch my heart. But there is something against it which comes directly from my heart, anger. And this anger says, want to say, sit Takuin in a time machine to Ausschwitz and than let him talk to these people. I can tell you and send you to a thousand places in history. So in a way your words would sound to people also arrogant and ignoring undoubtfull facts in form of flowery words. Now the anger is out, outside. Thank you for your words still touching

This is a deep and expansive area to go into, and I am grateful that you have brought it up. Let's explore this a little bit.

(By the way, I may say You many times in the following paragraphs, but I do not necessarily mean you personally, iamasimpleman.)

I understand your words, but I do not understand what you mean. If there is anger, where does it come from? From what Takuin says? Is that possible?

Find out from where this anger arises.

What is it that you have added to the words? Takuin says something, and someone else may get angry. Are they angry at the words? How can someone be angry at a word? How can someone be angry with a sound? The only reason anger may arise is due to the story in the mind; the story of what the words mean, and what it means to an identity.

This is Your Teaching

These things that arise within will teach you everything you need to understand about this world. Do not be angry and point outward; be angry and point inward. Find out why these things arise. Forget about someone making you angry.

You mentioned that Takuin may be ignoring certain things, but what exactly is being ignored? The horrors of Nazi Germany were very real, but how can you wish for it to be different from what it was? It was real and it happened. That is what is. It is not good, not great, and not the ideal world we want to live in, but that is what we have.

Now, if you see that, and understand it completely, what will you do with it? Use it to get mad? Use it to be right?  We have seen the horrors. What will you do with it?

It is not ignoring anything. We see it, we know it. We are there. Now, what do you do? Take the step for yourself. What do you do?

Look Within

All anger is inside. All war is inside. It does not exist outside of us. It is the bastard child of humanity. We have created all of this suffering that has gone on in this world. The death, the struggle, the horror, is all the result of what we believe. So if you wish to end it, that is where to start. Don't look to others to give this freedom to you.

If this war has ended within you, then your actions become clear. Then everywhere you move, it moves with you. You will never have a question of what is right or wrong. You cannot help but bring peace.

You also brought up going back into the past and talking to those various peoples that have suffered greatly. This is interesting to go into, and it brings up many things. For example, human beings do not learn from these mistakes. If we could, all war would have ended thousands of years ago.

We see this pain and suffering, the inhumanity, the murders, rapes, and executions, but we let it go on. We do not stop it. We say things like, "How can you say it is all within, when all of this war is going on? How dare you ignore this!" That is all well and good, but you let it go on and on. You do nothing to stop it. Don't look to others to tell you what to do. End this now. You can do it.

Each time you point a finger, it strengthens war and suffering. See this for yourself, and do not take my word for it. Go there and find out. Then, you will never again ask how to live your life.