Water Fasting - Day 12

Belated Birthday Meal (Don't worry...I did not break my fast with the above meal!)

Today was interesting. It clearly pointed to a problem we must watch out for during a fast.


Certainly, dehydration poses many dangers if one is not careful, but I am not going to mention any of the obvious problems that could arise. Instead, I'll mention the one thing - brought on by dehydration - that  almost ended my fast today.

False Hunger

At one point today I felt an incredible urge to eat. It was an odd sensation; I was not hungry, but I had this very strong desire for food. It carried on for about twenty minutes.

I stayed with it, followed it, and eventually found it to lead nowhere. It was not hunger, or a primal need to survive in the face of hunger. When one sees a feeling for what it is, with no other stories to cloud clear vision, reality stands out. It can only be as it is, regardless of how I may feel. It became clear I needed more water.

I went home and drank a half liter of tea, with another half liter forty-five minutes later. The body woke up and re-energized afterward. But it is interesting; the feeling of false hunger passed when it was seen for what it was. I did not have to wait for the water to take effect.

But in the beginning, it was Akiko that helped steer me in the right direction. So thanks! ;)


Energy levels have remained high. It is never too much to handle at any one time, and remains relatively steady. They fall just before sleep, which as you can imagine, is very convenient.

Sleeping is very easy. One can fall asleep within minutes of the head hitting the pillow. And the "clean awakenings" happen every morning. Once you're up, you're up.

Days 8, 9, & 10

I was extremely active for three days straight, and it took quite a toll on my body. On the 8th and the 9th I went out during the day and night. If you add in the time I normally spend during my walks, I most likely spent 6 hours walking each day. I didn't really pay attention to the amount of time I walked at the time, but by the evening of the 9th, I realized there was a problem.

I was at the Apple Store in Shibuya with a friend, and suddenly the body began to shut down little by little. (It reminded me of how the crew of the Enterprise would divert power from all non-essential systems to life support in order to survive.) I didn't want to worry her, so I simply said I was tired and needed to go.

That night I slept for ten hours, and during the next day had a three hour nap. That seemed to fix everything right up.

I have begun to notice that sleep really helps with almost everything during a fast.

Walk On

Full of liquid, I am ready to continue on. I am almost half-way through the experiment,  and I am grateful that hunger is not a problem at all.

Even so, I have already begun to plan my meals for March.