Water Fasting - Day 3

My Hashi It is the end of the third day of my fast, and it is all suspiciously easy. I have been drinking plenty of fluids, and have no worries of being at risk for a vitamin or mineral deficiency. But I have a few notes that may be of interest.

The Toothbrush: Your New Best Friend

Each sunrise has brought with it the most ungodly morning breath. If you plan on being active during your fast, or if you will be around others for extended periods of time, please do them a favor and bring your toothbrush along with a travel size tube of toothpaste. It might just make a difference in your daily life.

Along with the dragon breath, there is a thick coat to the tongue each morning. It is a very thick, mucoid-like material. Your new best friend will help you out with that.

The coat on the tongue only seems to happen in the morning, but the breath rises from the dead every few hours. I have read that both will pass eventually during the fast. I am looking forward to it.

Energy Levels

I seemed to have an abundance of energy throughout the day. I was able to take two walks for one hour each, which surprised me. I don't plan on having two each day, but if one has the energy, why not?

The evening was a bit rougher, however. As I sit here typing this, it is difficult to write fluidly. You may have noticed this already. Each sentence seems to be a chore requiring a ton of energy. It also seems disjointed and lifeless. This will pass before too long. It is generally the first week of a fast that plays havoc with the functioning of the organism. I have begun to notice this in small ways.

Diminished Focus

Today was the worst day so far concerning one's ability to focus. It was difficult to gather the focus to just read. Being is of course, unaffected, but the attention or skill needed to perform physical tasks seem to quickly lose momentum. The mechanical processes of the mind seem to take a few seconds more to find their footing. It is a terrible environment for learning something new.

This too will pass before too long, but one needs to be diligent to sit and see this as it arises. It cannot be taken for granted.


I have read on fasting websites that it may take up to two weeks for the bowels to begin a heavy clean-up process. I won't be overly descriptive, but it seems to be happening already at day 3. It is in no way an elimination of "fresh" material.

It is good that this is happening, but I feel bad for the next person waiting for the loo.

The skin is also more waxen than usual. But this is to be expected at some point of the detoxification process.


So far, the greatest benefit seems to be easier sleep. Not only is it easier to fall asleep, but it is much easier to wake in the morning. It is a very "clean" awakening with no remnants of the last night's culinary indulgences. Going to sleep on a completely empty stomach might be of benefit to one that is not fasting, as well.


It is difficult to continue, so let's just say goodnight.