Water Fasting - Day 7

Outer Focus I have a little bit of catching up to do, but not much changed over a period of two or three days.

Day 5

Energy levels were fairly even, but still low compared to a non-fasted state. A few times during the day I felt close to vomiting. Well, not really close but maybe a 6 out of 10.

This was the first day with absolutely no desire for food. It just was not there.

Day 6

I woke up again with no desire for food. It was a very "even" feeling. No ups or downs; just a clean morning awakening. I felt good.

This feeling continued until the evening, around 9:00 pm. Then I crashed hard. My perceptions were very confused, my vision was a bit shaky from time to time, and I had an almost constant "out of body" feeling. But through all of this I still had no desire for food.

On the plus side, I fell asleep in no time and was able to wake up much in the same way.

Day 7

Energy Levels

I woke up with no problems. The beginning of the day was slow, but after a few hours energy levels spiked sharply. This surprised me. I went out for a walk for two hours, and after returning home had no problems at all. As I write this I still feel fine.

I may be over the hump. From what I have read, it takes the body 4 to 7 days to adapt to this new way of living.  Now at day 7, this seems to be the case. I feel almost "normal." ;)

Calories In Liquid

I have done some calculations, and each day I am taking in 100 to 150 calories. This is just from the various drinks I make for myself throughout the day. I guess, technically, it is not a water fast, but this is fine and suits my purposes well. (I drink mostly tea, by the way)

My tip for water intake during a fast: slightly more than enough. If you go crazy drinking massive amounts of water, it will come out...possibly in a way you might not enjoy. Let's call it a kind of over-consumptive diarrhea. This was the case for me, as during the first few days I drank liters of water every day. But after I adjusted my intake, it resolved itself nicely.

But don't worry too much about your water intake. Drink at regular intervals and don't be  stingy with the amount. You'll do fine.


Attention is regulating itself and one's focus is lifting back into place. I can't be sure (yet), but I think tomorrow will be the first day of "regular" functioning. We'll see how it goes.

Concentration on the words is not a chore like it was a few days ago, and the gap between the mental and the physical is closing up. I feel I can finally get to work soon on the purpose of this fast. Of course, reporting the effects of fasting on the mind includes this information, but the real reason is to see how things arise after the adaptation period has passed.


I don't know if I should call this "clarity," but creative ideas seem to arise easier. I have only noticed a very small change (or alteration?) in how these things come and go, so it is too early to say for sure.

The Rising Dragon

The morning breath is not as bad as it was before, but it has not completely subsided. It still rises up from time to time throughout the day. And as far as the coating on the tongue, it is not as bad either. It is still there somewhat, but is reduced with each passing day.

I am still quite friendly with the toothbrush. :)

The Process

It is very important to allow these things to happen as they will. This process of fasting is not really pleasant (so far), but I can't wish for it to be any different. If you are hungry, you are hungry. If there is pain, there is pain. The body has enough work ahead of it and your resistance will not make matters any better. Just accept that these things may come to pass.

I am excited to see what happens tomorrow.