Water Fasting - Day 8

Marching Ants Today, functioning was really unbelievable. The height of energy and focus were off the charts.


Last night I slept for almost ten hours, and it was great. I don't normally set an alarm or plan to be up early on Sundays anyway, so no foul. :)

Energy levels were not necessarily high or low in the morning; just an even flow. But by mid-afternoon it was like someone detonated explosives inside the mind. My brain was on fire. The energy was (and still is now) almost unbelievable. This is as potent as any stimulant I have ever had, but without the frenzied perceptions.

I have been checking my heart rate from time to time, and there has been no significant change. It is actually slightly lower than normal. And even so, this energy makes me feel like I could jump from rooftop to rooftop. It is a very unusual feeling.


Focus levels in the morning were normal and consistent. But once again by mid-afternoon, focus came to a point so clear and unperturbed, distraction became an imaginary experience.

I tried to think of ways to describe this feeling, and the best way might be to imagine a master archer taking her shot. She raises the bow, sights the target, and then there is that moment where it is no longer her or the bow, but pure connection and the vast space of focus. Then the arrow is loosed from the bow.

The focus present in this organism is the same as that moment right before the arrow is released. And it is every moment.

But there is no shot to take.


I will try to go back to a more normal schedule and see if this state continues into it. I'll wake up around 4:30 AM, take a walk for 45 minutes to an hour, then get to work on projects I have purposely put aside for the last eight days.

I'll let you all know how it goes.