What Can I Do?

November Project: Question #15 This question comes from 'A' on the original November Project post.

Takuin, when you see a flower, you see a flower. When you see a tree you see a tree. You say all of us have the capacity, the potential to see things totally, that it doesn’t take much, that it’s like breathing. That may be true but how many human beings actually see this possibility turning real in their lives?

'How many people actually see it' is not the right question. That is insignificant. Do you see it? That is of real importance in this life. You are the only ONE.

If you want to understand what it is human beings find important, just look out into the world. It is plain to see. But if you want to know how you are functioning; how to live, how to love, how to die; look to yourself first.

The smallest light can obliterate the darkness.

I don’t see a flower, a tree, nature the way you do, though I really want to.

Do you want to see the flower, or do you want to see the flower like Takuin? Do you understand the difference? (I am not saying you do want to see it in that way...we're just exploring.)

If you see the flower like Takuin, that is no different from how you see the flower now, and it is frustrating to you. Your 'inability' to see the flower is no different from your wanting to see it through the eyes of another.

If you see the flower like Takuin, you'll be blind. If you see the flower on your own, you'll never again ask how to see the flower.

Nothing gives me peace.

We are all grateful to you, A, because you are teaching us valuable lessons...

You are quite right. Nothing will give you peace. However, this is not because you are deficient in some way. Have you ever stopped to ask, "Is peace - the kind I hope to have - something that can be given to me?"

We're not talking about the peace of physical security, or the knowledge that your basic needs will be taken care of, at least for some time. We are talking about peace, down to the heart, down to the cell, down to the core, or however one might put it. Is this something that can be given to you?

Is this something you can take?

The Self in Agony

Isn’t it true that you see the way you do because of the accident? Why is there such an unfair balance between people who can see and those who can’t?

'An unfair balance between'...this is interesting to me...

How does this arise within you? The imbalance between those that have, and those that have not...is it the same as rich and poor? Popular and unpopular? Intelligent and stupid? Do you see yourself as someone who has been wronged in some way because other people seem to have what you think you do not?

How does this arise in you? Follow it as best you can, and please describe it to us. I feel there is something very valuable there, for all of us.

It’s as if those who can see came here to truly live. Why indeed should people who live in frustration or misery live?

What are you doing, if not living? Does life seem empty only because you want it to be different from what it is?

There is a very strong center within you, protecting, attacking, wanting to have this, wanting to avoid that, but what is that center?

Why is the center frustrated? Not that he or she should or should not be. But why? And not 'because'. There is something deeper than outward circumstance.

How do you see this?


Please, A, feel free to comment below. There is much we can learn from what you have said, and what you have asked, but it is not enough for Takuin to just speak. We need you here as well.

If the two of us can talk and explore, we might be able to come to something beautiful. An openness others might be able to benefit from.

I look forward to hearing from you...