What Do You Believe?

November Project: Question #26 This question arrived in my Skype Voicemail.

If Takuin is 'beyond the image', then probably, there is nothing he believes. I don't know if this is true, but I wonder how he sees belief, or how it occurs to him?

Thank you for your question.

Belief is cumbersome. Very heavy. A massive amount of energy is spent holding up that illusion day after day.

If I may be free with the words...

When there was a believing "I", HE sank to the bottom from the burden's heavy weight. But when HE died, the being was free to move, free to fly.

HE is sunk, gone, a shadowy memory. And yet the organism still goes on and on.

HE used to blame others for his stupidity. HE would live in awful situations but never take responsibility. And even with the facts before HIM, it was never clear, because of what HE believed.

The ideals, the beliefs, were so comforting yet dangerous. HE could stay there, because that is all HE knew. Even though HE wasn't living. It was a life lived on referral.


The reference point was always there, you see. Something would happen, and the manual of the mind, the beliefs, the shoulds and should nots, would rise up before HIM, and using that palette of dull color, HE would paint.

The fact would be before HIM, but all HE could see was the choice. "Based on this, I choose this!"

But after death, HE became it. There were no longer any choices; no longer any grays, charcoals, or ashes on the palette.

Only timelessness.


Breathe in, breathe out.

It still has friends, but there is really no way to know. People seem to arrive and leave. Then the cycle repeats.

It sees other beings moving gracefully through the streets. Their faces have a timeless quality. So beautiful. They are all liberated. Do they know? The answer is in the question.

Last night it felt the rain on its face, but it was never cold.


I don't know if this answers your question, but I kind of like the answer. ;)