What Do You Intend to Be?

November Project: Question #7 This is a continuation of the discussion on the post, What Changed You?

I am familiar with this kind of philosophy. To paraphrase, It's like the mind set that : Anything that brings pain or desire is derived from 1) contemplation of the past or 2) anticipation of the future. Acceptance of the NOW (acceptance and harmony of living in the MOMENT) is to be blissful or to live in Nirvana. Bruce Lee said that when water is poured into a bowl, it becomes the bowl: be like water. So let me take your answer and morph it into the next question:

" Again, this is not quite the same as making a plan and seeing it through. -- Takuin"

Correct me if you disagree, but it seems to me that you do have a plan and have made/are making contingencies to see it through. Another way of saying that is: It seems that you have intent that is clearly beyond the physical. I am sure that it is very fluent, liquid, ever changing and difficult to put into a sentence, but what plan are you seeing through? Or...in hindsight, you have arrived at a place in life, intentionally or not, through the chains braking, so where do you intend to go? What do you intend to be?

The idea of the philosophy you have mentioned is accurate, as far as that philosophy goes. But as far as this organism is concerned, there is no philosophy here. Acceptance of the now, as you mentioned, is not quite right, but it is close. It is always difficult to put these things across simply, though....

If there is the acceptance of the now, where is the person that is accepting? And is the Now being accepted because that person, that self, wants to accept it for its own gratification?

Is it even possible to accept the Now?

This is the great spiritual problem. People believe that through their acceptance of the thing they can receive it. You and I may or may not accept that the sun has risen - and it might be true that is has risen - but the sun will rise just fine without us. What we want, really, is irrelevant, in the way we are speaking here.

I am not saying this is the 'right way' or anything. It is something we all must explore if we are serious about these things.


Now generally, for the seeker, to follow a philosophy is just fine. They just want to change the curtains in their room, so to speak. But for the 'serious' person, if we can put it that way, or the one truly wanting to see the real, he/she has a suspicion that there is actually no room. Forget about the curtains.

Planning is essential in the physical world, however, and that is a fact we can all agree upon. I must plan and do things to leave Japan, or to buy a car, and so on. And in that planning there is also intention.

But we can only plan and intend to do things in the physical world. And this is where it can be confusing, because we consider the self as a 'physical' construct of sorts. It 'exists' in the mind and in thought. So planning can be made to become better, to become enlightened, or whatever.

But if the interpreter is not there; the construct of the self or however we might put it; what happens to the planning and the intent?

I am not saying it should or should not be this way. And that is the point...I cannot tell you what is going on within you. Only you can explore these things to the end. But the construct of the self was destroyed in Takuin, and that makes things difficult here. I am trying to describe something that actually has no physical substance. It actually does not exist.

Liberation or enlightenment only exists in the ideas we hold about it. Real freedom is beyond the ideal...

But please, do not take my word for any of this. Do not put faith into my eyes, for they may be defective. ;)

Thanks again for your participation and your explorations.