What is Enlightenment?

Question of the Week: What is Enlightenment?

I've been reading your site for a short time now, and I've got a question. I havn't yet found anywhere on this site any real description of what enlightenment is. So, what is enlightenment? What the hell is this thing everyone seems to be looking for?

Buddha and Cow

The words and phrasing of what it may or may not be are really irrelevant. However, I do realize people need to have mental constructs. It makes them feel they can really 'deal' with something if they can first know it. Then, based on what is known, they can make some move toward it in order to own it. But this probably doesn't help with your question.

Irrelevancy aside, let's see if we can come up with an answer in ten words or less, just to keep it simple

Enlightenment is limitless expansion within a limited field.

The limited field is this physical world we all live within. And the limitless expansion...well, I will leave that for you to see on your own.