What is Spirituality?

Over at Tom Stine's website there have been several recent articles on various aspects of spirituality, and his post, "So What is Spirituality? Really," gave rise to this one. If you have a look at his article, it goes into fine detail on the various definitions used for that word and how it is generally looked upon. It is a great piece and well worth the time to read. (In fact, if you have not been to his site before, there is plenty of fine material to pore over. So check it out.)

I rarely ever use the word spirituality. In any form. Why? Because it has far too many definitions based on opinion, and seems to be rendered useless by the sheer amount of choice one has. But I will use the word in a different context.

What is Spirit?

If we look into the etymology of the word, it comes from the Latin, Spiritus. This word simply means, Breath (from Spirare, which means to blow, or breathe).

I am not at all sure of the reason, but somewhere along the line someone must have thought about the "breath of life," as the indescribable thing that gives us animation; the thing that gives us breath.

(Not that it is all important to look into the word origins to live a better life, but you would be amazed at how clear things can become, at least on an intellectual level.)

Well, What is Spirituality? Am I spiritual?

To answer the question is quite simple:

Are you breathing? Yes? Then you are spiritual.

It doesn't require any affiliation to any special club, and you don't have to go anywhere to get it. Hopefully this can clear out some confusion, because if someone claims they can make you more spiritual, you'll now know they are full of it. :)

Look into the wholeness of your life. It is complete in every possible way already. You may think, "No it isn't," but what you think about this is irrelevant. Your idea of what you need keeps you from seeing that you already are.

Every animal, every plant, and each of us has this spirit. It is inseparable from daily life because it is daily life.

Rejecting the Obvious

You can try to reject the obvious; that you are already whole and complete, a perfect spiritual being; but where will that leave you? The sun will rise tomorrow, a beautiful sphere of fire, the mother of life on this earth. Reject it all you want, but it will be there for you tomorrow. It will always love you, even if you hate it, loathe it, or completely ignore it.

Don't let yourself get in the way of the obvious. It is all so beautiful.