What is Your Point of View?

NOTE: This post is one of the first I ever wrote. I recently found it on my computer along with other somewhat interesting writings. I have no idea who asked the question (I can't remember), but thanks, whoever you are. Also, I received a question recently about the Question of the Week. "Where do you get the questions?" I get them all from e-mail correspondence. I find that some statements or questions cause interesting things to arise, so I will follow them out until the end. Or until I lose interest. I do not post most of these explorations, but I do save them.

Anyway, this post is presented, more or less, as is, apart from a few spelling corrections. That "i before e except after c" gets me every time.

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Question of the Week: 7/7 - 7/13

Do you have a point of view? How do you perceive everyday events and experiences?

Can there be a point of view if there is no point to view from? With no point, there is no anchor to plant one firmly into what the self believes to be reality. There is no weight and no center with its inescapable event horizon.

Let's be a little more clear. "I" do not perceive anything. If there is a strong wind, loud noise, or stinging pain it doesn't matter. If there is a sudden, loud bang, it is a simultaneous beginning and ending. The bang is the fact, and that is as far as it goes.With loud noises there may be a physiological reaction which is quite normal. But all things begin and end at the same time, which also means, there is no beginning and no end.

Someone wrote in an e-mail the other day, "This all perception or non-perception is all well and good, but isn't it still just your opinion?" It certainly seems that way, but only to the perceiver with an opinion.

There is no opinion as such here. But if you see me through your thoughts and beliefs - through your opinion - then it is natural that you would think this organism opposite you is speaking from an opinion. But it isn't.

Opinion is not based on clear perception, the now-moment, or whatever you want to call it. Opinion is based upon your idea of what you perceive. What is an opinion anyway? A trusted, static bit of knowledge that you lean on as a crutch during the active moments of experience.

Ask yourself a few questions. If you have an opinion, how did you arrive at the conclusion? How was it formed? Who does it support? Does it give you a stable footing? Does it bring weight and a sense of realness to your center? Can you be sure that any solidified, trusted opinion is real in any way?

I am not saying this is right or wrong, or that it is or it isn't. But I question these things because others do not.

Isn't not believing in belief a belief?

Yes, but only if there is someone that believes it. It isn't that Takuin believes in non-belief. There simply is no belief. It is very easy for some to argue over this, but if you believe that I believe in non-belief, that is your belief and not mine. It has nothing to do with me.

If you want to explore this in yourself, forget about non-belief. It does not exist. The only fact is the belief, so start there. If you are full of beliefs, there is nothing wrong with that. But If you want to inquire within, be prepared to lose everything.

Does that make any sense? I believe it does. :)