What Was, and What Is

Burghers of Calais

This is from a current conversation happening on Facebook.

There is your 'current life,' and then there is the life you would like. Of the two, which one is real? Of the two, which one can you attend to NOW?

I can only relate to what is and not so much to what was or will be (in part because those states are fluid)

That is wonderful. Although I don't refer to those states as fluid, but rather, static. What was or what will be are built from what has come before; what was is a memory, and what might be is the past projecting forward into a possible future. It is not static in the physical sense, but it is static psychologically (if that makes any sense).

In other words, it may give the illusion of fluidity, but it is akin to changing the curtains in a prison cell; it may look temporarily prettier, but the complete movement in still very limited.

All IS what is, but there is a danger there. When one wishes to capture what is as an experience to be had again, it becomes that same movement of the past. And this is a great stumbling block for millions of searchers, it seems.

Seeing what is for the first time is wonderful, but staying with it is not easy. It is much easier to stay with your memory of what is, but that has no meaning, other than the selfish comfort it provides.

Of course, none of this is meant to be right or wrong...we're just exploring. I hope you brought your pith helmet! ;)


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