Where is the Door?

Old DoorPhoto by Takuin Minamoto

Question of the Week: 8/11 - 8/17

I listened to your last podcast and have a question. Isn't the relationship between the teacher and the student necessary for the student to progress to the next level? Aren't the teachers there to point out the door for us?

Let's be clear about one thing first: I can never tell you how it is going to be, or what is going to happen with any degree of exacting accuracy.

Assuming that you want to know what is beyond the thoughts you believe, one must go into many things; not only teacher/student relationships.

Some might affirm, "My teacher or teaching has shown me the right way, and now I have arrived." Now what exactly does this mean? Having arrived assumes that one has stopped completely; that one has settled into a solid, remembered, memorized location. Where exactly have you arrived to? Enlightenment? Awakening? Liberation? Oneness?

I can tell you one thing, if you say you are there, if you know you are there, if you believe you are there, then you are lost. At the point of no center, there is absolutely no way of knowing who has arrived at any point, at any time. So how is it possible for one to say, "Yes, I have arrived!"

It is the height of arrogance for one to claim that these things belong to him or her. How can an identity ever be there? How can this person still exist in belief after belief if there is liberation?

Liberation is freedom from ALL authority. Inward and outward. Even the philosophies of your own making are built from materials given to you by others. Can you see this for yourself?

I am not at all saying that it will happen in this way, or that this is the very thing you are looking for. But if there is a complete liberation, will there be anyone left to consume the sweet nectar of that fruit? Can the bliss be enjoyed by someone that knows they are there?

This bliss, this divinity, this whatever it is, is outside of all imaginings of thought. It is completely new and reborn. It is simultaneous birth and death, construction and destruction, start and finish. It may sound beautiful to you, but in the center of the self, one can only project their idea about it, then view it as a spectator. It is the hand-me-down, passed from one searcher to another.

Liberation is complete freedom, and it is devoid of all things you may imagine about it. But do not believe this, build it up into something to achieve, then use violence in order to get it. See these things as they arise in you and find out for yourself.

You ask if the teacher is there to point out the door to us. It sounds like an absolutely right thing, doesn't it? We seek, then the guru talks to us and says, "Yes it is all so wonderful. You must walk in this direction and go through that door. I cannot take you there, as you must do it for yourself." That may even sound similar to the very things I write on this blog. But where is the door?

In the physical world, if we move toward a door, there is time involved in order to get from here to there. But inwardly, this world within, can any movement be made? Is there time at all? I don't mean to ask can you imagine going from place to place and the time it takes to get there. But if one wishes to see what they are, can any movement be made at all? And to where? And what is it that will move in order to get there?

I don't think human beings question this at all. At least, it doesn't seem to be the case. They just accept that in order to be free, they need to work at it, effort at it, and through dint of that hard work, they will be rewarded later. Does that scenario sound familiar to any of you? QUESTION IT!

Some say, "If you look at the finger pointing to the moon, you will miss the glory of the very thing it points to."

I say, "Forget the finger; there is no moon!"