Where Should I Sit?

November Project: Question #19 This question comes from 'The Jake' through email

I don't want to ask about a 'best place' but do you think it's more beneficial to sit in certain places more than others? Does any kind of environment provide a setting more conducive to sitting?

Thanks for the question, The Jake.

Again, I don't want you to think of it as something you do, separate from your daily life. Sitting IS your daily life, whatever that might be. If you find yourself outside, at a supermarket, in bed, at a hospital, or wherever, there really is no difference.

You might say if you are at a hospital you would certainly feel differently than if you were at the supermarket, and I can understand what you mean. But it makes no difference. As a part of sitting, all of those feelings will become apparent to you, and one is not necessarily better than another.

However, if you feel uncomfortable at hospitals, and if you want to explore that feeling, maybe you should go to a hospital and face it directly. If you try to face it while sitting at home, you'll have to imagine, attempting to dredge up the feeling while sitting on your comfy sofa. And that will never compare to the real thing, if you know what I mean.

(In that example, perhaps it is better to go to a specific place, but that is not really what you are asking.)

As far as an ideal environment, it doesn't exist. Sitting is the complete movement of life, and not a cut and paste of what you prefer. After all, it's the bit of dirt that makes a pearl, not the preference of the oyster. ;-)

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