Where to Start?

I have received a few similar questions over the last week. This is one of them, but captures the gist of all of them:

I've been reading your recent posts, and the spirituality series at Tom Stine's blog as well. But I have a question. I have never really thought about spirituality before and wonder how I should start. I hear about meditation and mindfulness, and the things some people do for spirituality, but after reading your posts and comments, and Tom's posts and comments, I am beginning to think that those things don't really matter so much.

So, where do I begin? Where did you begin?

I don't really consider that I have done the "spiritual journey" that others speak of. I think I always suspected something else was available, but could never trust that someone else could tell me what it was.

I started with doubt. It is difficult to remember now, but I guess I thought that if I didn't rely on anything another person handed to me, I would have to see the truth eventually. But nothing changed until I became curious.

It was curiosity that really allowed me to let go of the goal. Curiosity, in its own way, eliminates the seeker. It is very subtle, but if you are truly curious, it has less to do with the outcome as it does the moment by moment exploration.

I wrote a slightly different view in another blog post.

If you decide to get into this remember:You can go here and there, listen to him and her, read this and that, but none of that really matters. In the end you have to find out for yourself, without reliance on authority.

There will be only your own tracks in the sand. But even these will be obliterated behind you.