Work Life and Enlightenment

November Project:Question #12 This question was asked by CEH. (This was actually the very first question asked for the November Project. So thanks very much, CEH!)

This is an awesome month-long gift! Thanks so much.

Can you address the challenge of incorporating a work life into all of this enlightenment stuff? There are days when all I want to do is sit, be, enjoy . . . while the unattended to-do list grows, and the mind issues nonstop commentary and criticism and fear.

Thank you very much, CEH. I am glad to have you here participating in this month-long project.

Something you may want to think about...

Try not to think of enlightenment as separate from your daily life. It is not enlightenment and then the rest of your life. It is all one flowing movement.

I see this happening in various practices all the time. There are certain techniques, certain postures, and certain meditations people perform. And generally speaking, it is thought of as time on the cushion vs. the rest of one's life. This will only solidify the separation further.

As you move about your day, carry it all with you in each moment. Never think of a small portion of your day as the most is ALL important, and it is there to teach you.

If you just want to sit all day, I say go for it! But if there is something you know you really need to get done, take the tenderness, the silence, the emptiness and fullness along with you. You can 'sit' while standing, running, eating, or paying bills. It is all of the highest importance.

Just remember, the cushion on the ashram floor is no more important than the cushion on the bus seat.

Thank you for your question...

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