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War and Anger

Question of the Week: 9/22 - 9/28This great question comes from iamasimpleman on the short post, No Mystery. "I have read your words several times and the begin to touch my heart. But there is something against it which comes directly from my heart, anger. And this anger says, want to say, sit Takuin in a time machine to Ausschwitz and than let him talk to these people. I can tell you and send you to a thousand places in history."

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Are You Certain?

This week's question is on certainty. "Do you have any certainty? I mean, sometimes you say, 'Im not saying it is or it isnt, or that its right or wrong.' Is this because you just want others to see the solution for themselves, or is it that you really have no way of knowing?" We'll see if we can find the words.

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